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an easy way to give Domino Designer a ridiculous performance boost

Category domino designer performance
  1. From the top-level menu, select "File > Preferences"
  2. Choose "General > Appearance"
  3. Change the option labeled "Current presentation:" from "Styled Presentation Factory" to "Classic Presentation"
  4. Click "OK"
  5. When prompted, allow the "workbench" to be automatically restarted
I do feel obliged to warn you that the behavior of Designer after following the above instructions can be extremely disorienting. For instance, removing an app from the Applications navigator no longer causes that entire viewpart to freak out, repainting itself over and over again... the app just instantly disappears. Adding apps to Designer is also lightning fast. So is switching between working sets, changing which apps belong to which working set, and... well, okay, pretty much everything is significantly faster. Most disturbingly of all, unless for some weird reason you're developing directly against a server (instead of developing locally and replicating when you want to test your changes), and the network latency between you and that server is sufficiently high, you'll no longer see a progress bar when you compile your changes. The build process is just instantaneous. That kind of freaked me out the first time it happened. Thankfully, this is still Designer, so occasionally you'll still have to do a Project > Clean to give it the digital kick to the groin required to assure it that you do, in fact, want it to run the new code. And if you find you miss the progress bar (and hourglass or other OS equivalent), just find a slow enough server to code against, since it's not Designer's UI that's the bottleneck in that scenario. Otherwise, you'll probably need to adjust your routine to specifically schedule breaks (restroom, coffee, cigarette, et. al.) instead of letting Designer decide for you when you should get up and do something else for a few minutes.


Gravatar Image1 - Omg. You're got my old notes designer performance back.

Tim - I owe you a beer or ten.

---* Bill

Gravatar Image2 - Interesting....

... though it did not work as expected on the first Notes/Designer I tried it on (8.5.3FP3). It seemed to get very confused about my toolbars (not showing, or overlapping with other design frame elements). I have now restarted an extra time - where it still was not correct - however, it seems to behave after having resized to make it redraw correctly.

Just to make people test before deploying since this may not be a "silver bullet"... alas.


Gravatar Image3 - Very cool though one have to adapt to that "new" UI. Will test it against server apps. One thing I noticed even though I use SSDs is the freaking out of the workingsets when removing an app. With SSD Designer's performance is still ok even with the styled presentation.
Nice tipp for low performing machines Emoticon

Gravatar Image4 - Tested in Designer 9.0.1. My first impressions are, as you have advanced, that everything seems faster.
Has to be further tested to make a judgement.

Gravatar Image5 - Mind that the Notes Client also will be affected by this.
If you open mail it will not be pretty, but seems to work.

Gravatar Image6 - It helps, but for me working over a VPN on a bad DSL line the biggest issue I have is DDE seems to be very chatty.

If I add a new object type to a class - e.g. TransformerFactory and use the shortcut to import the library it decides to go over the wire to pull down the suggestions or so it appears. We are talking about locking the client for 10mins or more and I am watching the traffic and so far its pulled down over 300Mb.

I suppose the answer for me is to not use DDE for Java stuff at all but instead work in Eclipse / Another and import the code in. Its a shame but it is becoming a problem.

Gravatar Image7 - The statusbar operates differently also. To bad...

Gravatar Image8 - Found another issue with classic presentation: it hides all the custom toolbars I have installed except firebug light. Had to return to styled presentation Emoticon